Four extraordinary honeymoon destinations in the US

America, land of the great, as well as land of great honeymoon destinations. If you have not yet been on vacation to America, your honeymoon could be a perfect chance to do so. Thanks to its’ vastness, America offers the perfect destination for whatever kind of vacation you and your just married spouse are looking for.

For the active adventurous couple

Ever heard of Lake Tahoe in California? It is the biggest Lake in the United States that offers you all kind of fun activities all year round. In summer you can most certainly go for a swim, hike through the national parks, surround the lake via bike or explore the lake via kayak or boat. The weather in Lake Tahoe perfect for outdoor lovebirds, not too hot, little rain and no humidity. Evenings get a bit cooler, so cuddling up is still desirable :) In winter Lake Tahoe’s weather allows for skiing with a lake view. Doesn’t that sound great? And even better, compared to other skiing destinations, Lake Tahoe offers moderate temperatures but still enough snow! Whenever you want to spend luxurious quality time together, visit one of the spas in the area.

For the sun seeker couple

You want to lay down side by side on a stunningly white beach and crystal clear water? Then Miami Beach may be your best choice. It combines endless white beaches with the comforts of city. Take your spouse out for fine dining, go shopping together, experience culture and arts and spend your nights in air conditioned honeymoon suites. The great thing about Miami Beach is that you can have your full on beach vacation all year long. The mild climate and the well-tempered Atlantic Ocean in Miami Beach are perfect for enjoying long days at the beach, and ending your day with a romantic drink on deck at sunset.  

For the party must go on couple

Just married but no need to stop the partying! If this is the motto of your love and life check out South Padre Island. It is THE party island of the United States. In case you want to experience the fullest party dose, book your honeymoon in March. That is the time when all the American Spring Breakers make the whole island a never ending party that you can dive in day and night. South Padre Island is located at the south end of Texas which makes it a beach party vacation destination all year long. So, whenever you and the love of your life want to say yes and bouse this appropriately, book your honeymoon in South Padre Island.

For the cuddle & snuggle couple

If there are any lovers out there, who envision their dream honeymoon snuggling in a lonesome mountain chalet surrounded by snow and nature, Alaska would be a safe bet. Views as endless as the love for your spouse! Most people think that Alaska is cold all year long but that greatly depends on where exactly you are in this vast country and of course what time of the year you go on honeymoon. Just imagine waking up in a romantic little chalet with a view of the Ocean, cling to each other when going for a dog mush and finalizing your day with a kiss below the breathtaking Northern lights.

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